Monday, 25 January 2016

Best wishes

Hi there thanks for stopping by  today.

I got up early  this morning so I have just been finished a card I made's for the next Claritystamp blog challenge so you will have to wait until 1st  February  before you can see it .

This is the final card we did at the crafty company groovi workshop.

I wanted to show how you can make a fancy edge using the starter kit..we also used the nested squares .

The edge is made by using the single letterbox square.  From corner to corner  in measures 2.5 cm  so we drew a box in pencil that measures  15 x 15 cm.

Turn the parchment over to emboss from the back. Start at one corner and match the two diagonal edges of the letterbox along the line. Move along and do the second square.  Repeat until you get to the other corner.  Do this for all four sides.

Turn over, rub out the pencil line. Turn back over and then remake the square using the line  for water on the landscape plate as it is just a straight line.

Replace the landscape plate with the nested squares you will see  that the big square more or less matches the edge of the hole in the plate mate making it very easy to get square. When happy with the placement tape down your parchment and trace a couple of square frames.

Make little squares in the frame by using the nested square plate. Use the little square from the accents in alternate boxes.

Add the tree in the centre box. The border is made from randomly tracing the leaves.
Add  best wishes from the lower case letters.
Do some whitework on the back.
I mounted using brads

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