Thursday, 14 January 2016

groovi dt samples - rose and trellis

Sad evening as its our last for this break up on the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomand.  

I shall miss looking at this view from our window!

I missed Maria's 3pm show yesterday but was lucky to catch it on repeat this evening.

It's very exciting for me seeing  my cards on the telly and Maria had one on the counter in front of her  - feeling very privalleged!

I thought I would just blog the first of may samples  before I settle down to watch a bit of telly.  I did bring groovi with me and I have been making samples for a workshop this next Thursday at the Crafty Company in Fleetwood.

I decided to create a basket of flowers  so I used the octagan set and just the bottom part.  Next came the inner parts of the roses - just really to make it all in proportion.  I started with the bottom row
 ( that would be covering the rim of the basket) then just kept building it up .  I then used the trellis to fill in the octogan.  I made a frame, added the fauz stitching then the zig zag border.  I pricked and snipped it out, added a  bit of white work and some colouring with SN pencils.

Thanks for stopping by time to put my feet up for the evening !

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