Thursday, 7 January 2016

Groovi dt samples - White cliffs of Dover

Finally got around to writing a blog about this card.

I was watching a programme on the telly and it showed a shot of the cliffs and it suddenly came into my brain to re create it 

It is made entirely from the starter kit using the landscape plate

 I started by creating a square using the straight line in the middle of the plate
I then made another line next to it to make a border.  On the outside I created a row of dots with one of the accents on the plate mate.

Then I looked at the hill lines and decided which one to use for the top of the cliffs then I adjusted the parchment to make another line for the grass top

I used the sweeping line (under the straight one) for the base of the cliff then I used the line above the straight line as it the bump looked a bit like a wave so I just kept moving the parchment about to make my waves.

Added the moon and some birds from the plate mate accents.

I turned the plate around and used various lines to make crevices on the cliffs.

before I started the white work on the back I added some shadow with a SN pencil can't remember which one but it was a yellowy brown colour  and obviously green for the grass,  I didn't do too much,

The white work took several days I kept doing some then leaving it to rest until I thought I had gone far enough. At this stage I went over with a white pencil 

I pierced around the edge with a two needle tool and snipped around but you could leave it as a straight cut.

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