Wednesday, 13 January 2016

groovi dt samples - Holly

Final one from Barbara's show on 3rd January 2016

I thought I would see if I could make the frilly circle frame match the nested oval.
So I started by doing the oval then I used the frilly border a little at a time - I kept make the circle on the plate match the oval - if you know what I mean

Any road up it worked a treat and I was happy.

Next I added Holly and the fence is made using the border from Douglas for the fence.  The landscape plate came next to create the path and a couple of hills.

I pierced around the edge and snipped it out.  Before colouring in  I chose a shaving foam background from my stash.   then decided it would be nice to add some green for the hills

At this stage I decided to cut snip out the sky so that the shaving foam background could be seen more clearly.  I then laid the oval on top and to see where to add the green ink  using a clarity brush

I coloured in Holly and the path

I then made the blue skies separately, coloured in and cut them out .

I used these to hide the glue to stick it all together 

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