Monday, 29 February 2016

groovi dt samples - panel boxes

Final two from Maria's last show 

These two feature the panel box plates 

these are just utilising various bits of the plate  the pink one has some grid work in the middle  and the second one came together as I used the corner flourish like i would pattern build with a corner stamp.  The flower in the middle was made using the loop on the flourish that you can see in the corners of the pink card 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

groovi dt samples - lace flowers

I used the panel box plate to make the four little shapes and set them symmetrically

added the flower heads in the corners I used the nested circles to frame and then the scallops from the lace flower plate 

The white dots are made using a grid and embossing tool .

I started pricking around the edge then remembered I was doing a wrap round as I had nowhere to hide the adhesive so I carried on piercing around the edge but didn't snip

Saturday, 27 February 2016

groovi dt samples - musical instruments

More music today folks!

As soon as I opened the post and saw this plate I immediately thought of Barbara's Dave and his love of music and his guitar selection - so I decided to give him a shop.

So in my head ....

the music and Dave's music shop is the header above the shop window.
The keyboard is the facade under the window 

And the instruments are on the floor of the shop window or hanging from the top .

I used two different colours of paper behind to separate the floor of the window from the back 

Final one from the music plate 

I made a frame by using the bow at the sides and music top and bottom

I was aiming to have the violin laid across a book of music.  

The violin came first then I used the arch of the music to make a book shape moving up and down to make the lines for the score and then added a few notes,  - good job I can't read music - cos I have no idea what it would sound like

Friday, 26 February 2016

groovi dt samples - musical instruments

Hi there thanks for dropping by 

Oh Me Oh My I am very busy lol

I have just loaded the car ready for demo day tomorrow and just sent my offering  to  the Claritystamp Challenge blog for 1st March so I thought I would try and schedule a few blog posts as I don't seem to be getting very far with sharing them

I saw the musical instruments and thought that they might make great little characters - sometimes I do worry about what goes on in my head!

I started with the guitar added "hands" from part of the musical notes.  I think his eyes were from the hole where the sound comes out and a full stop for the pupils.  I did the violin the same again moving the sound holes for the eyes,

I put them in a frame from the panel boxes set and made little squares around the edge - cos I needed somewhere to stick 

I added the keyboard behind - to ground them and music going along the top .  

mmmmm what now - that's when I hit on the family picture idea  - called them the strings and gave them the names of Vera Violin and Graham guitar   I just wish I hadn't put the treble clef in next to Vera but hey ho .

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

groovi samples - Lace flowers and netting

Hi there thanks for dropping by  

Oh my I am very busy lol  I had a demo day for crafters companion on Saturday then then then then


oh it was great  I went with the girls from Craft range at Burnley so we had a proper road trip leaving at 6am on Sunday morning - which meant I got up at 4.30 am  and we didn't get to bed until after one the next morning !!!!!  Up again at 7 on Monday to do it all again.

We walked in on Sunday and while I was waiting to deposit my coat the lovely Karen Clare was there - so that was a really lovely way to start the visit.

First stop just had to be Clarity - oh my the stand was very impressive and professional .

There are some fantastic things on the horizon but I am not saying !!!

I also got to see Tim Holtz in action -  I would have liked to watch longer but I was booked on a class.
Oh well maybe another time eh!

Now for the real reason for this post 

Here is one of my samples from Maria's last show.

Isn't this flower fab?

fab set of plates 

I started with the central flower then built the scallop frames  around it. I used the flower heads in the border like we would do with a stamp hanging some off  the edge 

After that I put the netting in place then using a grid and a piercing tool added holes all around the border in the blank spaces .

Thanks for stopping by - I will try and blog all my samples in between everything else.

Demo day this Saturday
blog post for Claritystamp challenge still to do 
there will be more samples for Barbara's next show
etc etc etc 

but for now it's time to post this, put away the lap top done the pj's and watch a bit of telly to unwind before bed  

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

groovi dt samples - art nouveau border plates - Lawn

Well this is my last card from Barbara's show on 8th February  and our lovely Maria Simms is back on Hochanda tomorrow with lots more groovi goodies to tempt you.

I started with a piece of parchment A5 portrait.  I used one of the corners from the velvet plate in each corner lining it up on top of the nested square to get it even,  I then joined them up with a line from the nested square to form a frame.  I added another elongated square in the middle.

Next I used the flowers from the lawn plate to create a foreground.  Added the lovely lawn behind.  Now she has her had stretched out  so I thought I would create a bannister for her to lean on .  so I used a line from the squares and made a double line across, filling in the gaps with the dotty wave - in my head its like a balustrade !!

Added some hills  then used the sprig to fill in the frame.  

Monday, 15 February 2016

groovi samples - art nouveau border plates

Just a couple to go now - are you still with me ?

For this one I had this pretty paper I wanted to use for the background I have had it in my very large stash of papers that I hardly ever use. Maybe the groovi system will use some of it up?

I used the nested oval for a frame, added one of the lovely corners that come on the velvet lady top and bottom then used an element from the lace border to create the frame.

I added velvet in the middle and added an element from the same corner just behind for a bit of interest and the dots from the the lattice plate

A bit of white work, and coloured with pencils from behind,  

I pricked around the edge of the oval with a single needle ( so I could stitch the piece to the paper) and around the edge of the frame and in the corners with a double needle and snipped.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Claritystamp blog challenge 36 - Love - mid challenge post

Mid challenge post

Hi there  back again with a mid season challenge post for the love theme.

I lined up a piece of parchment and did a heart in the centre.
next I used the border from the art nouveau poppy plate to go around the heart.  I added nested squares then using the border and corner from  one of the line sentiments to create the frame

I added some grid work .

on another piece of parchment I did another heart  the same size.  Added the words using the plate mate and used the full stop to add some random dots in the background.  I pierced around using a two needle tool and snipped it out  I used some glue behind the embossing on the words to stick it to a piece of red card cut to the same size heart,  

groovi dt samples - groovi borders

Sunday morning and here's another! 

Its valentines day - If I am really really lucky Grumpy will have got me a card from the paper shop - how lucky am I !!!!!!

This is a very simple one just using the nested square to make  frames.  I used one of the flowers in the middle  and part of the paisley in the corners.  I used various sections of  the borders around the frames.  

Some white work and colouring with pencils on the back 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

groovi dt samples - henna borders

Hi there - are you fed up yet - lots more to follow lol

I am off to fellow dt member Susan Moran's workshop today over at Olive Green crafts - she is a truly fabulous parcher - very talented and is teaching me all sorts!

This one uses the fabulous henna borders.

The central panel is done separately from the background. and mounted on pink card,

I started with the nested oval and square to make a bowl.

I "decorated" the bowl using one of the sections on the henna groovi border followed by the half tone plate (dotty wave).

I used one of the mandalas to create 3 flowers - always do an odd number looks more natural.
I used a line from one of the plates to create the stems and various bits of foliage for leaves  I used the same flowers on a separate piece to create 3 more to snip out , colour and attach on top for a double layer with a brad.

I took another piece and pricked a rectangle  to frame the top piece and then around again to create a frame which I filled with the same scallop pattern some foliage in the corners then added dotty wave in the remaining space  .

See you tomorrow!

Friday, 12 February 2016

groovi dt samples - Ocean Swirl border plate - sea monsters

Hi there

Did you see this one?  I bet Barbara thought I had lost the plot with this one !!

I looked at this border plate and the first thing I saw was this creature - it was just missing an eye but there was a nice little shape that does the job perfectly,  Then I realised there was another facing the opposite way!  Once I saw them I couldn't get past if you know what I mean so I just had to use them before I could see anything else!

I used the nested square to make the central square , then various bits of the border to create the "waves"  I added a background from the landscape plate gave it a title of sea monsters and added some other swirls to frame it 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

groovi dt samples - art deco border plate

Hi There 

I am having a couple of hours away from sample making so thought I would take the opportunity to schedule a few blog posts of my dt samples from the one day special with Barbara on Monday

Here's the first one using the art deco and ocean swirl set

I started with a strip of parchment and embossed the wording, I added a line either side and then using the lace border I went either side to form a strip.

  I made another strip wider and did the same (without the words) and lined up the pattern in the gaps of the first one.  I repeated again on the final strip.  I made two butterflies  from opposite halves of the lace that correspond

I did lots of pricking with a double needle tool and lots of snipping !

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting instalment!!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Grooving - Silver wedding

Back again as promised with the real silver wedding card.

I am hoping that after all the palarva and testing yesterday that all goes smoothly  today.

I have been asked for a silver wedding card for a special couple.

So here it is 

I started by piercing a grid about 18 cm square. (mark the corners in pencil using the grid side of the mat   .  I have marked 4 corners on my plate mate to 7" square so that I can get everything central.  I did the banner next by using one of the lines on the landscape set .

I previously did" to a special couple" on a bit of scrap - its easier to see where to start and finish.- so I used this to place the second line .

The words came next using the scrap for positioning, followed by the heart swirl
I replace the swirl with the nested heart and went around the largest one. I replace the hearts with the squares and put a dot in each corner   I used this to place the double heart from the line sentiment then I went back and fill in the square .

I added the rings then the dots from the netting plate.

Finally I lined up the square to one of the squares  3 in from the edge and used the outside square to mark a dot .  I did this on all four sides.

I pierced around the edge leaving a gap in the middle then I added the hearts.

I did some piercing and snipping and a little white work.  The letters are coloured in from the front using a shimmery gel pen

Attached to silver mirri card with brads.   Photo not too great lol

I am off to Fleetwood see you later!!

Friday, 5 February 2016

groovi - test

This is my second post today - just testing as I am having problems with the wrong picture when I share.

to read about this card click here

Groovi- demo sample

I am off to visit the seaside again tomorrow  to the crafty company in Fleetwood.   It's a great shop and Sandra & Kieron are great hosts and always look after me very well.

So here's  a take on a card for mothers day  which is on the horizon

I have coloured on the back using spectrum aquas.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Claritystamp blog challenge 36 - Love


Well I think we might all be glad to see the back of January we have lost soo many people not a good start to the year!  but on a much much brighter note I had a lovely afternoon yesterday at my youngest grandson's first birthday party.  I can't believe he is walking and one already the time has flown by very quickly.

We have also had a few days up in our favourite place on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomand and I was a very good girl and didn't go to the craft shop near Glasgow airport 

Have you seen all the entries on last month's challenge say it with flowers - WOW obviously a very popular theme we have had so  many entries and I would like to thank all of them for taking the time and trouble to join us  I have no idea how I am going to pick my top five 

Anyway this month's theme LOVE

I decided as I am so busy at the moment I would kill two birds with one stone and make a card that would do as a valentine card for Grumpy so I decided to give my stamping stuff an airing.

I have used word chains 2  & 6

the hearts are from wee folk wedding set 

the couple are from the very first wee folk set 

I was very good this month and took lots of pics as I went along ....but I can't find them anywhere?

Anyway I used the square stencil framer  towards the corner of my stencil card  and used a light coating of barn door distress ink.  then I dried it, added some anti static.  I stamped Love in black archival in the middle of the square 
I then used versamark and clear powder randomly over the rest of the square (having replaced the stencil)  now because I had added barn door first these words are not white but a paler red in real life.

When it was all dry and I added more barn door to give a deeper colour and of course the embossing added as a resist.  I went around the edges with aged mahogany to add a bit of shade.

for the rest of the stamping I used black  and red geranium archival .  Black sharpie pen around the edge and  mat and layered.

Right I am off to take another shot at picking my top five !!