Sunday, 10 January 2016

groovi dt samples - stater kit

It's Sunday evening and I have been trying to blog the rest of my samples all week without success!

So I am going to try to do them now and schedule a few - hope fully get them all in this week.

We are off to bonny Scotland for a few days tomorrow - the weather forecast has changed for the worse so we might get snow - but I hope not I am rubbish at driving in snow,  
I have however just packed up my groovi stuff to take with me!!!

I made this doing the trees on a piece of parchment and added a few hills then I used the full stop from the plate mate to create a border   I cut it out but it looked a bit lost so I got another piece and drew a pencil line around the edge then used the / plate mate and line it up along the pencil line.  from the back.  when it was done I just rubbed out the pencil line.


Then came the tricky bit - lining up the hills with the ones I had already put on the top piece - without the top piece being adhered!

after much faffing about I managed it I didn't want to duplicate the hills on the bit that was under the top piece if you get my drift.

Added a little white work and  mounted it on some printed paper with brads 

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