Saturday, 15 September 2012

Snowy house


Clarity house stamp and offset holly corner
Denim Adirondak
midnight blue pro marker
Blue and white card
quickie glue pen

This house stamp ends just under the house but I inked it up and then "cleaned  off" the bottom of the frame with a wet wipe and a paper towel before I stamped it.  This left a border down both sides and across the top, I have extended it to form a frame.  I used the glue to cover the roof and draw over some of the lines that form the ground and then added glitter for a bit of bling.

I mounted onto blue card and then onto a 20 x 20 card that I stamped in the corners .

I added a tag but without any sentiment.  I can then add a sentiment to order eg Merry Christmas  Mum & Dad, Gran whatever!

I aim to do some more of these so that they will be easily customised whilst I am at my fairs or as orders come in.
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