Monday, 24 September 2012

A penny car not a penny farthing

Brown card 14x 14
Lighter brown base card 15 x 15
white card cut into circle with a die
Clarity car stamp and scrabble letters
some twine
2 "buttons"
flitter glue
copper guilding flakes
frayed burlap distressing ink

I cut out a white circle of card and distressed with the distressing ink.  I stamped the car with glue and added flakes. I then edged the rim of the circle with more glue and flakes. I added the boxes top and bottom with glue and then the flakes - I did the letters after to be sure that the glue didn't dry.

I threaded 2 pennies onto the twine and wrapped around the back of the brown card before mounting onto the base.  the car is mounted with foam tape.
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