Friday, 22 March 2013

framer card

Here is how I made the frame for the framer card.  It is easiest to make the frame then put the cut a back to the finished size to stick on that way you can make one edge a fold so that it opens like a normal card.  I started with a peice of card 21 cm square for this exercise I used a card with a pattern back so you can tell right side from wrong side.

I scored at 1cm, 2.5,5 and 6 cm on all four sides

the first score line forms the base of the frame the second makes the side  the score line between 2.5 and 5 makes the frame on the top of the card so in essence the frame will measure 2.5 cm all around. get it? got it ? good :)

I then cut a cross in the centre ..take note where I start and stop it is NOT the first score line.

Now I burnish all the folds and then open up the middle as so from the wrong side

next job is to cut away some of the corner in order to be able to fold it over and make a box shape.

Can you see that I have cut out 3 of the squares in the corner but left the middle on and then I have cut to the fold line this is to make the flap to stick!

I have hidden the flaps inside and I have used red tape so you can see where it is glued. probably best to use a wet glue and a peg to hold it until it dries!  Next comes the middle section.

fold the corners out over the frame and glue into position........ nearly there

trim off the excess

et voila done.  as I said I would then make a folded card big enough to stick this onto.

There are embossed lines on the frame where you can see the dashed lines on this pick but you can use them in the designing stage. or cover them up with embellishments,

I hope you have enjoyed this and would love your feedback/comments as I have never ever done a tutorial before and am hoping that these instructions are easy to follow.

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