Friday, 29 November 2013

Craft range Christmas Party samples

Last night was there was a bit of a Christmas party night over at the Craft Range - I wasn't doing any demonstrating but a couple of weeks ago,  Janet Banks chucked some white circles at me (not literally but almost lol) and asked me would I do a few samples as she would be demoing the system.
I went over last night, sat and watched and heckled her demoing he he he  then had a nosey around talking to other crafters, mince pie, fruit punch - I enjoyed my little self. I then got a phone call today to say I have won a raffle prize - there were quite a few goody bags so I will have to wait and see what I get.

Anyway  I just thought I would share what I made with you  - I am off to my last fair of the year tomorrow at a Nursery attached to Chorley Hospital 9 - 1 so then I can put all my fair stuff away until next year. When I come home I will have to sit down and write my Christmas cards with the stock I have left in order to catch the last post on Monday by the  Scouts who deliver in the local town for just 20p - cheaper - which is cheaper than petrol costs for driving round lol .  What will I do if I haven't enough cards left I here you ask....well I will do what lots of other card makers do ----go out and buy some stupid isn't it.

Happy crafting xxx

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