Thursday, 21 November 2013

Gelli inks

Morning as promised here 's another post from me.

I did these prints when I was at the craft club and I have since made them into cards but forgot to photograph them and now they are all wrapped in cellophane bags - too reflective to take piccies !

If you look the second pick is a ghost of the first one - I used adirondaks on the gelli with a couple of Clarity stencils then I used archival ink to stamp directly onto the pulled prints.  I used the same ink as the gelli print to colour a scrap of paper to make the rolled rose in the middle of the top pic.  I did think about colouring in the floxgloves but I quite like them as they are.  I will post a couple more for tomorrow xx


Gez Butterworth said...

Fabulous cards Linda. Great to hear the adirondaks work with the gelli plate, I still haven't tried it! xx

Lynne said...

Lovely prints Linda. It's great how you get two for one, with the ghost print often being the most interesting. Although in this case I can't decide which one I prefer........... They both look great. x

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Linda these are fabulous, I am so loving the prints. Not played with my Gelli plate for a while too busy preparing demos and samples. December is going to be all about me crafting! :)

Linda xxx

Lisapmac said...

Fab linda, must get the, trellis stencil x

Theresa Pace said...

these are both beautiful Linda. very soft and elegant xx