Sunday, 1 December 2013

Scene Building

Well hello there - I cannot believe that we have got to December already - it seem only a couple of weeks ago that I was asked would I be a DT member for the Claritystamp Challenge blog and here we are at the final challenge of the year No. 10 as we started way back in March - really? yes really where has this year gone?
Haven't we seen some beautiful cards and projects posted by not only by the rest of the DT team but from you guys too - the standard is astonishing, and what can we say about Claritystamp itself - this year has seen the introduction of ------THE GELLI PLATE --- OH YES -- I love mine and I do play with it but I need to play more to get to grips with it properly - I keep looking at Sam Crowe's blog and just wishing I could get to grips like she has - she does some fabby stuff it's no wonder Barbara picked her to be the gelli queen for her design team. Then following on from that came the Stencils - now I know there are lots out there but I have a lot of Clarity stamps so nothing teams up as well as a Clarity stencil - I now have a selection but I fear these will be as addictive as the stamps aaahhhh - more expense.  Then Barbara started blogging - oh boy can she blog! lots of excellent pictures and words to tell us how she has done things - fantastic and of course on Tuesday's I wait expectantly to see the next chapter in the Claritystamp history - so interesting especially if you are a nosey cow like me.

Anyway I think that's probably enough of waffle from me for today - and on to Challenge 10 - build a scene!  Now if you have been following my challenge posts you will know that I have done quite a few scene cards and projects so this should have been a doddle right? wrong - could not think of a single thing to do  but here is the finished article and I will explain how I got her below if you want to see........

On Thursday 14th October as I was driving home from the craft club I was looking at the sky - quickly as I was on the motorway - wish I could have stopped to take a pic - anyhoo it was all blue and pink - gorgeous it was.  Then the light bulb went on.  Could I replicate on the gelli plate with inks?mmm I wonder so off I went to try.  I used the technique with the cotton wool that we use to create a resist technique on shiny card.  So I put down some blue added some stringy bits took a print on copy paper - this wasn't what I was after.  I removed cotton wool and took another  mmm not bad but still a bit! so then I took a third - hurrumph not enough - just bits but I persevered next time with pink.  the final print now started to come to life so I carried on and did it several time till I had built up a lovely sky - well I thought so.  The second print wasn't bad --I kept using the same three sheets-- but it wasn't as subtle. ................Anyway I thought black might be a bit harsh for the stamping although in real life on the motorway the landscape was very very dark but I continued with browns then....hated the scene I created.  So I tried again with black on the second, brighter print --still not happy so they were not good enough to be put on the challenge blog.  I will have another go at this when I have more time though as I was quite impressed with my little self lol


So I walked away from the table that day and revisited the next day and thats how I finished up with my purple offering now if I could have replicated the scene I created on that one using my sky from the third print I probs would have been a happy bunny but these things are sent to try and test us and from our mistakes and mishaps we learn and grow.  I just thought I would share my mistakes cos we all make 'em.
Happy Crafting  xx

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