Saturday, 6 February 2016

Grooving - Silver wedding

Back again as promised with the real silver wedding card.

I am hoping that after all the palarva and testing yesterday that all goes smoothly  today.

I have been asked for a silver wedding card for a special couple.

So here it is 

I started by piercing a grid about 18 cm square. (mark the corners in pencil using the grid side of the mat   .  I have marked 4 corners on my plate mate to 7" square so that I can get everything central.  I did the banner next by using one of the lines on the landscape set .

I previously did" to a special couple" on a bit of scrap - its easier to see where to start and finish.- so I used this to place the second line .

The words came next using the scrap for positioning, followed by the heart swirl
I replace the swirl with the nested heart and went around the largest one. I replace the hearts with the squares and put a dot in each corner   I used this to place the double heart from the line sentiment then I went back and fill in the square .

I added the rings then the dots from the netting plate.

Finally I lined up the square to one of the squares  3 in from the edge and used the outside square to mark a dot .  I did this on all four sides.

I pierced around the edge leaving a gap in the middle then I added the hearts.

I did some piercing and snipping and a little white work.  The letters are coloured in from the front using a shimmery gel pen

Attached to silver mirri card with brads.   Photo not too great lol

I am off to Fleetwood see you later!!

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