Thursday, 11 February 2016

groovi dt samples - art deco border plate

Hi There 

I am having a couple of hours away from sample making so thought I would take the opportunity to schedule a few blog posts of my dt samples from the one day special with Barbara on Monday

Here's the first one using the art deco and ocean swirl set

I started with a strip of parchment and embossed the wording, I added a line either side and then using the lace border I went either side to form a strip.

  I made another strip wider and did the same (without the words) and lined up the pattern in the gaps of the first one.  I repeated again on the final strip.  I made two butterflies  from opposite halves of the lace that correspond

I did lots of pricking with a double needle tool and lots of snipping !

Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting instalment!!

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