Saturday, 27 February 2016

groovi dt samples - musical instruments

More music today folks!

As soon as I opened the post and saw this plate I immediately thought of Barbara's Dave and his love of music and his guitar selection - so I decided to give him a shop.

So in my head ....

the music and Dave's music shop is the header above the shop window.
The keyboard is the facade under the window 

And the instruments are on the floor of the shop window or hanging from the top .

I used two different colours of paper behind to separate the floor of the window from the back 

Final one from the music plate 

I made a frame by using the bow at the sides and music top and bottom

I was aiming to have the violin laid across a book of music.  

The violin came first then I used the arch of the music to make a book shape moving up and down to make the lines for the score and then added a few notes,  - good job I can't read music - cos I have no idea what it would sound like

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