Saturday, 6 July 2013


So we will have been married for 31 years on Tuesday - so this is a very quick card I made for Grumpy.

It is nothing fancy just gold embossing on black card with some matting and layering - he is not my fave person at the moment so this will do him lol

I do not expect that I will get one as he cannot get out with his bandaged legs apart from when I take him to the clinic for a dressings change and will he have thought to ring our eldest and asker her to get him a card - will he b....ry and he doesn't do computers so I wont even get one from moon pig.  This hasn't got an insert yet will have to try to find one thats not slushy as this sentiment is enough slush for the way I feel right now.

Anyway both stamps are from Clarity

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