Saturday, 19 October 2013

G45 and fancy folds

So today is the day I pack up my little truck, collect my mate and set off for a lovely play day over at Locstock Hall near Preston for a Clarity Northwest workshop with the lovely Maria Simms.  I love these days we have such fun and crafty friends arrive from all over it is just brill and we make some fabby projects - cos our Maria is well clever. So I shall leave you with today's offering from me.

The other day I saw a great card on facebook  but I was on my phone and then the next day on my lappy I couldn't find it grrr anyway my friend Moira found it an tagged me.  so I got to go the blog and check it out.  so this card and the next are inspired by Kim Bacon  and here is her blog After that I was watching a recording of Sheena Douglass on the telly and it popped up amongst the samples.

So here is my version :-

Now I had a little play with some scrap card and decided that I didn't like how Kim's had no"back" behind the pop out bit so I decided to add a bit, then when it was folded up was an odd size for an envelope so my versions ends up as a 15cm x 15 cm version.

I made this one at the craft club on Thursday afternoon - can you see I am also using up some more of the G45 pad?.  I didn't quite know what to stick on the front but then my mate Liz says what about this ere bird stamp I just got it I think it would look OK?
How right she was ( so while I was there I stamped and embossed a few more for future use lol).

I have left a spare space on the end panel for folks to write a message in .  I am  quite chuffed how this came out - whaddya think?

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