Saturday, 1 February 2014

Love and Romance

Good Morning all - it's the first of the month so time to share my card for the Claritystamp challenge blog
We have had some fantastic entries for our last challenge I do so love seeing everyone else's work and how every single entry is different and how people interpret the theme.
We have no classroom today but our lovely Barbara will be back on the telly tomorrow oo I wonder what loveliness she will be showing and selling!!!!!

The theme for February is love and romance - not surprising really with Valentine's day just around the corner.

I decided to do a scene inside a heart and then cover the edge of the heart with leaves and flowers. Didn't want to do the traditional red either so I chose purples - I do like purples lol and then just a touch of green.

How did I do it  - I had no heart stencil so couldn't use that so then I hit on an idea 

I have Microsoft desk top publisher but you could do it in word   I "drew" a square that  measure 15 x 15 cm I then "drew" a heart in the middle  that looked about the right size.  I made sure that the heart was central to the square and then grouped them together.  I did all this at the top left hand corner of the page - so it was easy to see the size.
After I had grouped them together I moved them to the middle of the page and printed it out on copy paper.
I followed the  lines and cut out the heart .
 Now I am left with a piece of a4 paper with a square in the middle and a cut out heart in the middle of that  I used some re-positionable spray on the side of the paper that had the square on .

Now I could lay my 15 x 15 card on top of the square knowing it will now be central .  Turn it over  and all you have is a mask with a heart shape in it ---hope this all makes sense.
but here is a pic to help you

I then proceeded to build up the scene with my clarity brushes pieces of torn paper and the clarity clouds mask.

I stamped the couple  in black archival, removed the mask and then I started to build up the edge of the heart. I took some of the leaves from the split tree set and the flowers from the long grass flower head set and built up the frame around the heart starting with the leaves using shabby shutters   first and second generation ink then added the flower heads in the same way using dusty concord.

I liked this idea and methinks I will be using it lots even if its only to put an edge around the ledge as if you don't put too much spray on and allow it to dry - it doesn't rip the top layer of your card off like low tack tape sometimes does and so long as the outside square or oblong is the same size as the card you want to use you can position it centrally.  it's just a case of making sure the inny is in the centre of the outy!


Louise said...

Love it! Good luck with your workshop - not that you need it! X

Naomi said...

Its wonderful Linda. Love the idea. The softness of the stamping around the heart is so clever and pretty.

Doreen'sCards said...

Very Romantic and beautiful colours Linda x

Jo Rice said...

Beautiful and delicate work Linda....perfect inspiration for the Challenge...I hope you enjoy your workshop and have a great weekend....hugs...x

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful card. I love the colours too.

Lynne said...

Gorgeous card Linda. I particularly love the floral heart frame. x

Linda Simpson said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Such delicate colours for the background which showcases the images beautifully.

Linda xxx

Stella Wilkinson said...

Who said romance was dead. lovely card Linda xxxxx

Theresa Pace said...

beautiful Linda. very atmospheric. who says romantic cards have to be red? your colour choice is fab. love it xx

Amanda Branston said...
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Amanda Branston said...

Sorry... Went all wrong! Lol! Unlike your card, it's stunning Linda, just how love should be, cloud nine! Xxx

Yvonne said...

Such a pretty card Linda and really clever way of making a heart stencil. Love the way you've used the leaves around the heart too. Enjoy the Clarity shows today xx

Karen Clare said...

Such pretty work Linda...xx

Amber Simms said...

I love the mountains and the clouds x really nice work Linda x