Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mum 65

Good morning I hope you all are managing to stay dry..and none of you are suffering from the terrible floods. Aren't they just awful, they are continuing for so long, I feel so sorry for the people who are suffering and the poor farmers with their flooded fields and of course this will have a knock on effect later this year when all the crops that should be growing now are not there to be harvested so this will lead to shortages and ergo price hikes

 Anyhoo on a lighter note here is 65th birthday card for a Mum .

 Just a simple one using my grand calibur, purple and lilac card stock sweet lilac flowers and a ribbon. 

Apologies for the photo I took it with my tablet and I can't find a flash on it but in the up side I have since found another setting which looks like it adds some light when I am taking the shot..so maybe things might be brighter in the future!!!

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