Monday 24 February 2014

flying by pop up box

Morning all I have been asked to blog this pop box card I made by a couple of friends so here it is - a bit belated but my blogger fell out with me and I got so fed up and trying to make it play I decided to leave it alone to sulk for a few days - but I think it must have got over whatever was upsetting it cos it seems to be playing to day - long may it continue.
Anyway here's my instructions - now I can't take the credit as I was given a link to a youtube video but this is my version of things - they used a piece of scrapbook so I adapted it to suit myself!

Before I get into the workings I should say that all the stamps are from Clarity and you will see further down that every surface has been covered - a proper labour of love but I did enjoy making it .

I started with an a3 piece of card and used 10cm measurements but you could use a4 or scrapbook and use 7cm measurements ... basically you need to score 4 sides and leave a bit for a flap - hence the A3 4 x 10 leaves 2 cm for a flap to stick.

lay it landscape and score at 10, 20, 30 and 40
turn 90 degrees and score along the first three sections at 10 cm. LEAVE THE SECTION NEXT TO THE FLAP UNSCORED so that it forms the back of the project that doesn't fold over

Cut across at 20 cm and then discard the top bit of the flap, and cut down the score lines at 10, 20 and 30

 the section that you cut off is now used to form the sections inside so cut on the solid lines and discard the scribble out bits.

fold on the score lines and stick as shown

Butt one piece up to the front and one piece up to the back

These sections are used to stick your bits on.

Decorate all sides and be careful about the sticky out bits as you want it to fold flat - hence no bottom to it

Hope you can follow what I have done - give it a go I had great fun .

by the way I made all the panels at 9cm square and the mats and 9.5cm square.


Lynne said...

That really is fantastic Linda. I've been dying to have a closer look at it since I saw it on FB. Thanks for sharing it and the instructions. x

Linda Simpson said...

This is fabulous Linda, love the air balloons and your design!
Linda xxx

Emma Burns said...

Brilliant Linda. Lot of work but well worth it xxxxx

Hellen Pearce said...

what a super card Linda, was intrigued how it was done - looks fantastic! x

Anonymous said...

Really must make time to have a go at this, it looks amazing. Thank you for sharing it Linda. x

Jo Rice said...

Absolutely fabulous Linda...and such great instructions...I was blown over with this the first time that I saw it....hope your blog is behaving now....Hugs...Jo. X

Moira said...

Hopefully it'll let me leave a comment this time! I really love this idea, and can't wait to have a try. Lovely clear instructions Linda, thank you.

Unknown said...

Absolutely fabulous, Linda a real labour of love thanks for sharing ... might give it a go for one of the boys birthdays xx

Louise said...

This is so lovely Linda x
Thank you for the tute, I'll have to give this one a go :) x

Josie said...

Wow, what an intricate project made a little more approachable by your super tutorial!

Unknown said...

Wow this is gorgeous Linda. I love cards which have some kind of movement such as pop ups. Thanks for brilliant tutorial.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Linda ... it looked really complicated to make basic box but the way you have explained it made it much easier. Now I just have to decorate it ... so many faces to cover !!! as you say a labour of love : xx

Linda Page said...

Looking forward to seeing your finished product xx

Theresa said...

this is great Linda. will try it out. thanks for instructions xx

Wendy said...

Thanks Linda I'm going to try it for my great nieces first birthday. I loved it when I saw yours and wondered how you constructed it.Wx