Friday, 10 August 2012

Baby bootees

Hi there strangers.  I am so sorry I have not been here for yonks but I have been so busy and had some technical issues with my laptop, printer and trying to get photos from camera to lap top.  It's all sorted now (fingers crossed) so I just thought I'd do a quick post for heading out (again).

I was looking in a magazine and there was a template for these little bootees.  I downloaded it and took into into the Serif software.  From there I took into cut out studio and got rid of all the back ground. exported it as a png file.  
I then opened up a new project and added my png file through the photos tab.  from there I made it into a stencil.

Once I got to that point it was easy to re-size or change the colour, pattern whatever by adding "material" over the top.  I made another page with a square in the middle and writing around the sides and on another page made a square to form the inside lining of the bottom of the box. and a circle with the same lettering to form the gift tag.

I then printed everything out, made the box and lined it, cur out the square from the lid and replaced with acetate, used a spellbinder to form the gift tag.  I made the bootees and added braid around the bottom and used a  tiny pearl ribbon buckle for the buckles on the shoes.

I some how get the feeling I will be using this trick again!

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