Tuesday, 7 January 2014

oh a month early...getting in front!

Hi all  as some of you know I Got a new Samsung tablet for Christmas so I am going to try to blog this card and share it on fb....wish me luck. Ihave discovered that I can't go down my reading blog list on here so if anyobe knows what I need to do all help appreciated. But on the other hand its Miles better for sorting out my photos.

So this'll do for valentine's for grumpy.  I was making it for something else but had a change of heart !!!  (There's a pun there lol).
I had a session with my gelli plate oh I must get it out more often.  I don't play with it enough and I had a bad day I couldn't get it to do what I wanted ..its all in the order that you do stuff  some days I do it like a dream..think I could do with a gelli play with Sam Crowe .

Anyway here it is a  couple of prints then I embossed the letterbox set onto heatproof acetate and cut them out I used a ble glue oen behind the letters to stuck them on. Some silver embossing directly onto the print and Bob's your uncle or in my case...grumpy.

Right fingers crossed lets see if I can share this now.

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