Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Moon Song

So whilst I am at home Mum - will you make me a card for Jane - she loves Witches.
So in between being a taxi and taking her here, there and everywhere I knocked up this card for her to take back

Now a couple of years ago I came across a verse about a witch flying over a town so this is my interpretation and the poem is below.  The poem will go on the left side of the insert with the birthday sentiment on the right .

Moon Song

As wild clouds raged across the sky
A witch and her cat swooped swiftly by;
Through the buffeting North wind’s gale
Her broomstick left a glittering trail.

The witch she cackled, the cat it sang,
Above the storm their voices rang
Filling the night with their gleeful song,
Past moon and stars they swept along.

Across the night the old witch flew,
Her billowing cloak behind her blew.
Upon her broom with knees crooked high
On windy nights the witches fly.

By Maureen Lambert

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