Monday, 7 May 2012

Golden Wedding

Well hello everyone.

Sorry been quiet but I've had shingles and whilst I've done a little bit of crafting I haven't felt like loading stuff on either my blog or my facebook page. If your on facebook follow the link to my page and "like" me - cheers

Well I have updated both now and hopefully will find time to get back to blogging.

This is a card I have made for a commission that came from a lady at a craft fair I am hoping she likes it!!!

I've done some piercing around the edges made a lattice pattern on the background with my hougie board
I mad some flowers with gold ribbon.  I managed to get the 50 by printing it on coated card (in this case pearl) and used best quality on the printer settings - as it came out of the printer - I stood over it and poured the embossing powder on it as it was coming out - the ink was still wet enough to get the powder to stick - so well impressed with that trick. - hope you like it.
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