Wednesday, 25 April 2012

pink lady

Hi everyone

Not feeling too good today as my neck is covered in blister type sores I think I was bitten by something and now got an infection so doc has put me on anti everything biotics hystemines etc etc. so feeling like I'm rattling.

Not doing any crafting to today as feeling a bit achy and low so snuggled up in my comfy chair.

Over the last few days I have been making some cards with some lovely papers that I bought last week.  I don't often buy patterned papers and so sometimes I get a bit of a block when using them.

I will post them over the next few days on the schedule  (if it works ha ha ha)  as got to go shopping tomorrow so that I can go to craft club in the afternoon.  Aintree craft show on Friday (looking forward to that)  and then run my stall in Cleveleys on Saturday  ( hope I make enough to cover what I will spend on Friday ha ha)- busy busy busy .

The lady is a clarity stamp  - I have two a large one and a miniature one.
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