Tuesday, 1 September 2015



Before we know where we are Christmas will be here - I haven't made a single card yet - yikes

The bingo challenge last month threw up some fantastic entries - I wonder who will win - I know it was extremely difficult to pick my fave 5.

So to this month's challenge - Shaped cards - what to do - what shape to use - should I use a die - got plenty of those  - or do I take my inspiration from the lovely parchment box that was on Emma Burns blog recently - oh she is one very clever lady -  I know my work with parchment is not in the same class as Emma's - it isn't even in the same school lol but I liked how she used the groovi system to create her shapes so here is my effort.....

I started by tracing around the square groovi plate omitting the top line,  I then replaced the squares with the circles and lined it up to the partly scribed square to make an arch.

I transferred the pattern from the border plate and in the bottom two corners I switched it around to make more of a flower (and fill the gap).

I also did the same trick with the nestie groovies to form an arch in the middle then I marked the central line and split it into three to give me a guide to line up the letters.  ( I did it in pencil so I could rub it out after)

 I then added Best Wishes from the bunting border - the letters are smaller  than on te groovi plate mate and I could fit them in.

  As an aside  I have also used the tiny square from the nestie groovi plate to mark out like the larger squares on the groovi mate - it is the perfect size for these small letters

So now this is where all my best laid plans go pear shaped because I forgot to take any more pics  Doh

Next I transferred two of the flowers from the blooming peonies plate and then I added a third in the middle - behind.  I also did two more on another piece of parchment so that I could cut out and layer up.

Behind the best wishes I used  bits from the Christmas tree to fill up the space - just randomly

Finally I used the Netting plate to create a background.
I used a star embossing tool (borrowed from a friend as I haven't got lots of stuff....yet!)  i just did it by eye.

I did a little embossing from the back and no 15 speccie pencil from the essential set.  I also coloured in the parts of the border that I hadn't embossed so I could hide the bits of red liner I used to stick it down.

I thought it may be useful to show you the plates I used 

Netting Groovi Plate A5 SquareBlooming Peonies amp Sprig Pattern Groovi Plate SetCircle Nested Groovi Plate A5 SquareSquare Nested Groovi Plate A5 Square
Bunting Wave + Alphabet amp Christmas Groovi Border Plate SetLace Groovi Border Plates 1 and 2 Set

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