Sunday, 9 August 2015

paper basket

On Saturday I went to have a play with some girls who are all part of an fb group that like craftwork card papers etc - the Lancashire arm of this group have started meeting every other month in my local town for a get together .  
This Saturday we did three projects - each one led by a member of the group and I was asked to come up with something for us to do, and the reason for this post is that some ladies couldn't make it but liked the basket and have asked for instructions.

Now I saw this basket somewhere on the internet ages ago but sadly I cannot credit the original designer as its so long ago I have forgotten but this is my take on it.

I have used craftwork cards paper and candi  velvet plum (currently a sale on!)

and a selection of beautiful paper flowers from Sweet Lilac Flowers   check out their box deals - really good value

This basket part of this can be made from either 2 pieces of A4 or one piece  of 12 x 12 ---or a piece of A£ cut to 30 x 30 centimetres.

All measurements are in centimetres

Take a piece of a4 card stock and mark at half way along the long edge 

Turn and score at 10 cm

Turn and score down to previously scored line at 3, 6 and 9

Flip card over and repeat above

Cut  down the scored lines  and cut off 1 cm from   strips abc & d

fold along the dotted line 

Make two of these - if you are using one piece of card just turn the whole thing round 180 degrees and mark the other side the same

Then stick one on top of the other.

Next add your fancy paper - I used a paper trimmer with a fancy edge

when you are ready to assemble fold up the sides apart from the triangles and stick E to E allowing about 1cm over lap.
bring pieces d together behind and stick these then the final two pieces b

At this stage it will look a bit untidy.

I cut two cirlces from card and two smaller circles from paper and used these to cover up the workings.

I cut a handle and added paper to that too and attached to the circle with a brad.  In hindsight I would have cut more circles to cover up the inside of the workings too.   

I added lace around the top of the basket, bows and candi to the sides then I made an arrangement of flowers and added them to the handle 


Jo Rice said...

Morning Linda, this is such a beautiful basket, and thank you for sharing all the instructions...I love all the detail and the flowers finish it off to perfection...have a wonderful time at the Crafters Companion Celebrations..hugs...xxxx

Lea Brawn said...

Wow fab tutorial. Love this basket x