Tuesday, 8 July 2014

grumpy's card

Morning all, as some of you know I have been struggling lately and have had to use a certain bucket a lot lately.  I have put a picture of the said bucket at the bottom of this post but if you are easily offended don't look Ethel - it was posted on my timeline by a friend one day when I had thrown everything I tried to make in the bin, personally I think it's funny.

It's our anniversary tomorrow and I have been trying to make a card for grumpy.

It all started when I bought a craft mag and one of the free stamps was this sentiment - oh that will do nicely for grumpy a card - I had been struggling with a theme - cos you know he doesn't have any interests except sport lol.  Anyway I made him a gelli print card in February and he really liked it so I thought well I will just use a print and the sentiment, sunshine stencil and Bob's your uncle (or in my case husband).


So I had many attempts and spoilt lots of lovely backgrounds trying to get the sunshine on  and following a conversation with Sam Crowe I had another go last night and finally cracked it.

I made a lovely background , took a heart from the hearts and leaves stencil and used it in the middle of the sunshine stencil.

I now had a nice print but the sunshine was white and where the heart was - a bit blotchy.  ADD INK!

doh why didn't I think of it before - so I added some lettuce followed by some denim, went around the heart to define it with a speccy pencil added Happy Anniversary from the Happy word set.  and mounted it .  That'll do but it looked a bit lost on the card so I took the ginko stencil - cos that's a  bit sun ray- ish too same green and blue - job done

Here is the bucket..................................>


Theresa said...

Linda that is a true work of art done with love
And it looks amazing , I am sure that your other half will love it
I love your bucket lol. Txx

Jeanette Butler said...

This is stunning Linda. Well worth the frustration. So pleased it all came together for you. Sam to the rescue! Must admit, I'm still a bit confused how you did it but I love it. Think your bucket is fab. Might have to print it out to stick on my bin. Sure that Grumpy will adore hus card as well as his clever wife. Have a lively (or even lovely) anniversary tomorrow. Crafty love Jeanette xx

Kim Humphreys said...

Glad the bucket came in handy! And that you got there in the end!

Bernie Simmons said...

Hope after all that he loves it lots Linda xxx

CraftyKay said...

Well Linda it looks good to me and worth the effort. Hope he appreciates the effort.x

Loraine said...

It's worked out fab Linda, sure he will love it. It's been so long since I made a card, I can't wait to get going again x

Doreen said...

Love this,a fab design.xxx

Linda Simpson said...

Fabulous card and loving the 'bucket' lol.
Linda xxx

Yvonne said...

Happy Anniversary Linda. Love the card it's smashing xxx

Theresa Pace said...

happy anniversary dear linda. this is ace. so Sam comes in handy at these times;). she has her uses bless. sorry Sam couldn't help myself. i love you really xx

Jennifer Johnston said...

Happy anniversary Linda, I'm sure Grumpy will just love this handmade card, made with lots of love and lots of thought. I really like the background, it's beautiful.
Hugs Jennifer xx

Jo Rice said...

Great card Linda, and so glad it all worked out well in the end...hope you and grumpy had a lovely day...Happy Anniversary...x x