Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Drummer Boy

I have found a new app for blogging from my android tablet.   If anyone knows of any good ones I wish you would let me know.   Any way I thought I would try to create a post.

I was asked to make a card for a certain boy turning 16, a drummer in a band and shecwanted his photo on.  I only had the passport photo to work with.  I had a drum stamp, a freebie yonks ago on creativestamper magazine. The front of the drum had "rock" on it where i wanted to put tge photo and the whole thing wasn't big enough.

I wasn't to be beaten though so furst job scan in the photo. Secondly I stamped tge image in black archival and scanned that in.

Next I opened up serif and added bith the pics.   I took the photo cut out studio, outlined just his head tgen exported as a picture then brought that picture back into Serif so that I could resize without any background.

Next to the stamped pic.  Firstly I made it bigger so I could see  what I was doing.  Again using cutout studio I cut out the whole of the front of the drum.  Then I used the tool create a frame and dragged it into the frame section.   I now had all the various elements so I cleared the workspace dragged on the newly created drum frame, I then added the photo into the frame and resized to fit.

I sized the whole thing to a size that would look right in the hexagon die.

Happy with it I printed out onto cardstock .

I used a blue glue pen on the chrone bits of the drum set and silver embossing powder.  The drums and symbols were coloured with SN pencils.

I used a music embossing folder, some hexagon dies the hexagon shapes for the letterbox kit which I also used.  I found a small happy birthday stamp and the numbers from another set of stamps.


Jac Desordre said...

that is a fab card for a drummer, Ive never tried to use blogger anywhere except on main pc, I wll have a look into this x

LINDA PAGE said...

Thanks Jac x