Friday, 1 May 2015


Good morning and welcome to MAY! the last four months have just flown by and haven't we had some lovely weather last month - I hope that wasn't Summer and that the nice weather is over ---as I write this it's raining - back to normal lol.

Lots of fabulous entries again last month - the wee folk sets are very popular I do love them.  So the theme for this months challenge is clocks - now this has caused some scratching of heads (mine included) amongst the dt  I have an mdf package I was thinking of using ( I am not telling you what it is but it will probably turn up at stome stage lol) but Emma was first in with a box  I thought about getting some clock parts - noo several of the team have done real clocks - rapidly running out of ideas now till I came up with clock watching.  I thought I would be brave and try and draw an eye with the eyeball as a clock - my backup plan was to use the big glasses instead of my drawing.

I had to get the eye the tight size for the fob watch stamp to work as an eye ball.  I have all the fob watches and the sideways on ones but the wee one (from the miniature set) was way to small, the medium size one wasn't really big enough so I went with the big one.  I stamped it out to make a mask

I cut it out ignoring the stand and the handle.

I then used this to draw around in pencil

Next I had to draw my eye and after a few attempts and a lot of rubbing out I got this.

What if I make a mess? - I thought ... So I went around the eye with a micron pen - excluding the eyeball and then I photcopied it onto a piece of gellie card.

Haha I can now use this and if I make a mess I can do it again - cunnng plan eh?

I used another photcopy on copy paper to cut out the eye to make a mask to stam throught the clock - because if you look at an eyeball the top is hidden under the eyelid.

OK so far, next I stamped out the boxes from the new letterpress set and masked them off. I used the clockwork stencil randomly and using my spectrum noir aqua pens (peakcock blue and Sea green) and the e brush to create the background - I didn't tape the stencil down I just kept moving it about as I didn't particularly want a definate background just a hint of parts.

I used cracked pistachio and faded jeans around the edge with my Clarity brushes.

I stamped the letters in black archival 

I used several pencils from the essentials and marine sets to create the eyball and added shading in the boxes.
Finally I added some eyelashes with a micron pen

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