Sunday, 1 March 2015

Anything but a card

Good Morning here we are again ! I cannot believe we are in March already!
I have lots going on at the moment with a day of demoing yesterday and another two days this month and my monthly workshop so its all go and I am trying desperately to get in front as my daughter is flying home for a visit on the 13th - just in time for Mothers day, grumpy's birthday and young Oliver's Christening for which my sister and hubby are coming up from London and I haven't seen her for yonks either.

Well we had some fab entries last month and I just cannot wait to see what folks come up with this month - what will we see I wonder. The dt have come up with some magnificent pieces with a wide variety of projects - it's been great fun seeing them and I am looking forward to reading all about how they achieved them - after watching Barbara of course!

So here is my piece

I usually have something on the go besides my paper crafting and I do like to do cross stitch but I also like something that I can do just sat in a deck chair or a sea side bench as when I go out with Grumpy we do a lot of sitting about and I get bored easily. So embroidery is a little easier to do than cross stitch as I don't have a paper chart blowing away in the breeze!
Way back in 2013 I finished a cushion that I had done from a kit and thought I would like to have a go at designing my own.  I used several different distress inks on scraps of material to see which would be the best to see and then to ensure that they washed out properly afterwards.  In the end I used frayed burlap . 

I did make a start and it has been in the car for quite some time untouched and unloved because last summer I was busy knitting for my soon to be young grandson - something else I can do sat in a chair lol but then  when this month's theme came up I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finish it off 

I marked out a square with a ruler and a pencil that writes on fabric ( I had one of these in my other crafty stash - I used to do a lot of dressmaking lol) I then added the stamping.  Its very simple really and I just used simple stitches like whipped running stitch, backstitch, chain stitch an satin stitch on the leaves.
On the big Leafy twirls  in the middle I used a couple of colours on the leaves to give them a bit of light and shade, although you can't really see it in the picture.

Now it is finished I have nothing on the go that I can do without loads of stuff - so I am TRYING to crochet now  I have made a little hat for my first attempt but I am now trying to do a little top for young Oliver but it is not growing very quickly - good job I am doing a bigger size lol 

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