Monday, 28 April 2014

my chocolate house box

If you are on Facebook you will probably know that I have been working on this box.  if not --I went to Kendal  on Saturday and in the old Chocolate House shop window there was a lovely box of chocolates - however it was the actual box that caught my eye and so I spent yesterday afternoon working out how to make one so after I had sussed it out I thought I would then create a sample for my up coming demonstrations for Crafters Companion  I thought I had taken a picture on my phone of the original box but sadly I can't find it .
Here is the top of the box - I made it all with centura pearl cardstock  

So how did I work it out?  back to school and a compass ---I drew a circle onto the back of the card and if you all remember you then use the compass at the same size to mark off around the diameter.  join up the dots and you have a hexagon 

the box had two layers that open out with a lid.  With the Ultimate pro, to make a box you start off with two pieces the same size - one for the lid and one for the base, now in this case because I wanted to add an extra layer of card around the outside of the base ....I cut the two bases the same size as each other but slightly smaller than the lid ...I just set the compass every so slightly smaller.

I used the same size on to two sheets of paper ( that I printed off from the cd that came with the latest crafters companion magazine) to line the boxes.  I cut a piece of card the same height as both the bases and long enough to go all the way round  I marked off where to score the lines then stuck the bottom layer to the bottom of the side panel on three edges then I stuck the top layer to the top half of the side panel on the opposite three edges

I added some panels on the bottom half of the side panels with some more white centura pearl  embossed with a butterfly embossing folder.  I added a bit of lace some little fabric flowers and some pearl dots.

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