Friday, 27 June 2014

Block card

Hello Strangers

I apologise profusely to all of you whose blogs I normally visit but I do not know where the time has gone just lately and life just keeps getting in the way of crafting. 
Like today for instance I get up ...late cos I overslept grrr because I need to do the dreaded food shop then grumpy says can we go for a drive somewhere, stop for a butty and then we can call at the supermarket on the way home?  OK says I (thinking here I am building up brownie points as I will be out all day tomorrow at the lovely Claritystamp Northwest with our lovely Maria Simms and loads of crafty friends).
So off we toddle and eventually get home around 1.30, unpack the shopping make a cuppa and I sit down with my lappy to check bank statements etc etc.  Oh hells bells I don't tally!!!!  so I then spend yonks trawling through my transactions and I finally get sorted.  Grumpy likes a printed statement - he doesn't do computers lol so I prints him one off and sign out, Go to get the print out - bliddy printer didn't take the paper straight away so top of of page missing ..So I signs back into bank to do it again.
In the middle of all this a crafty friend popped in with a very nice card to show me so now the afternoon is nearly over and I still haven't done anything!

So I give up am obviously not going to get any crafting done this afternoon and I promised several people on facebook that I would blog instructions for this here card I made.

I am ever hopeful that next week things will return to normal  lol

Here goes I just cobble a quick jobby together just to give you the general gist.
You can use either A3 or A4

for A3 score across the landscape view at 5cm intervals all the way along, this leaves a small strip at one end for A4 score at 3.5 cm intervals.  at portrait score the same measurement bur you only need to score 3 lines

now I included a little pocket in the back spine of mine - somewhere to write a message and sentiment if you want to do this you need to leave the end section - if not cut off at the bottome score line.  cut out the hashed area in the top have and also along the solid lines.

I trimmed a bit of the pocket so that it doesn't go right to the top when folded over and I left some bits at the sides with which to stick!

Thats it you now just stick the back to the front and the flaps in the middle that overlap to form the shape

Folds flat for posting now all you need are 15 squares to decorate the sides and steps, a longer piece for the spine and a little insert if you want to use the pocket.

Hope this helps - shout if you need help .

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